Chimney Cleaning

Professional Chimney Cleaning and Service

All About Chimneys offers all facets of chimney cleaning methods for all styles of residential and commercial chimneys.

We are safe, clean and very efficient. We take pride in our work and know you will too!

With our vacuum assisted cleaning methods we will keep you house clean!

Other Services!

Dryer Vent Installation and Cleaning

Most homeowners don’t know how important it is to clean dryer vents every year. We suggest that your dryer vents be cleaned just like you would clean your chimney. We offer discounts for combined services, meaning we can clean your chimney and your dryer vent all in one trip. Saving you time and money, and maybe a catastrophe down the road. Please feel free to call or email anytime to get on our annual schedule.

We can also ensure the proper vent hose installation.